Kalhana and E. H. Carr: A Comparative Historiography

Pooja Prashar


In 12th century A.D. Kashmiri poet, Kalhana, wrote ‘Rajatarangini- the river of kings which has been of a great value not only for the study of the history of Kashmir but for Indian historical research generally. Kalhana is accepted historian of modern period. He fulfills all parameters of western history writing skills so he is honored by them as a first Indian Historian. These days lots of debates are going on this topic. E.H.Carr’s work ‘What is History?’, is considered as milestone in modern historiography. He in his work has cleared many points related to what historian should be and what are his responsibilities? My research will be focused on E.H. Carr’s history guidelines as these are accepted in western historians and put Kalhana work on those parameters and try to place Kalhana and his history work in modern historiography with its unique features. The methodology will include the collection of data related to main topic and will try to make it critical with comparative analysis. The purpose of this research paper is to highlight two great intellectuals works and to identify relationships between their works.

Keywards: Chronicle, methodology, historical facts, systematic history

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