Gandhian Ideology and Indian Novel in English

Bhumida Sharma


The emergence of Mahatma Gandhi, on Indian scenario, as a world renowned political leader, a social reformist, a man of strong will made a deep and abiding impact on the immeasurable lives of Indian people. Making History with his each n every daring step, Gandhi was a revolutionary experience for every Indian including the Indian literary minds. Not just as a dynamic personality but as a consciousness, Gandhi influenced different disciplines and writers from various fields like history, politics, philosophy, sociology, literature and so on. Gandhi exercised  a potent influence  on  Indian language  and  literature,  both  directly  through  his  own  writings  in  English  and  Gujrati,  and  indirectly through  his  movements  generated  by  his  revolutionary  thoughts  and  practice. In fact with increasing interest in his personality and ideas, on literary scenario was initiated a new field called the Gandhian Literature.

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