Impact of Internet on Historical Research:-A Review

Sanjeev Kumar, Anjali Dhawan, Ms. Nisha


The idea of this paper is to help scholars to use the gigantic network of interlinked computers recognized as the Internet to find historical sources they can use in their research. It is specially addressed to the student in a college or university history course who is preparing a research assignment, “Using the Internet as a Resource for Historical Research and Writing" will initiate you to some finding aids to help you trace related materials for your research project. Among these are subject directories which provide links to other lists and to specific documents. By exploring these links (underlined or highlighted in the text) one can access other Internet locations. The other principal aid for finding materials is the search engine. That term refers to electronic devices which sweep through as many as several million individual Web pages and other Internet sites, looking for material on a given subject. As in this paper, you will find examples of problems one often encounters while using these finding aids. You will find detailed sections on searching for the two categories of historical research materials, primary sources and secondary sources, and another on how to appraise the sources you find. Also, you will learn how to use the Web to find and evaluate hard-copy books and articles relating to your research project. Finally, there will be a summing up of the prospects and problems of using the Internet for historical research. I hope that you find the paper both valuable and attractive.

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