Role of Nationalist Historiography in India And its features

Sapna Pathak


Being a history major one of my interest naturally concerned the Indian past. I had initially planned a historiography topic on same aspects of Indian modern period and nationalist historiography of began with the writings of the scholar administration of the late 18th and 19th Centuries. They found history a Instrument to legtimize the Colonial (British Imperialism) rule. The historiography of Indian (colonial period) nationalism has for a long time and dominated by colonialist elite and Bourgeis nationalist elitism. No Ideological developments come into being to challenge the mighty british Imperialism for a long time to come in India. This historiography was also done  with the presupposition that the Indian Culture was a historical and hence unique. This resulted in the process discovering of the Indian past by the Colonial historians and which said the foundation for a modern historiography in India. When we talk of Colonial historiography the first talk is to remove a possible source of confusion (a) the histories of the countries colonized during here period of Colonial rule, and (b) to the Ideas and approaches Commonly associated with historians who were or are characterized by a Colonialist Ideology. The Indian shady and Colonial approaches as an Ideology in Indian nationalist historiography let us try and get a clear Idea of the nationalist historian we are talking about.

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