Recent Advances in Methods of Hair Removal

Sonam Vohra, Kanika Sachdeva, Simarpreet Kaur


Deliberate hair removal through permanent or temporary methods is prevalent since ancient times which are gaining increasing importance with every passing day. Purpose of hair removal may vary from beauty enhancement, hygiene, and social status to religious compulsions. Though banned in some communities there is evidence for the aesthetics industry growing at pace of 15-20% annually.

Hair removal techniques have evolved from tweezers, pumice stones, bees wax, sugar based waxes, razors made from flints, bandages soaked in ammonia and vinegar to shaving, depilatory powders and creams, electrolysis, and lasers. Among these, Pumice stone is ancient method for temporary hair removal and Laser is the most effective technique for permanent hair removal. This paper reviews the various temporary and permanent methods of hair removal since their advent.

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