Internet of Things (IoT) based remote sensing of low Voltage Grid parameters To Cloud system using ESP8266 and Arduino

Mallikarjun Singireddy, Chadrashekar Reddy, Sridhar Singam


In this paper an advanced solution for monitoring the weather conditions and low voltage grid for a particular geographical location and make the information visible anywhere in the world through IOT platform has been presented .Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology adopted in the scenario which is an advanced and efficient solution for connecting the things to the web and to connect the entire world of things in a network. Things might be electronic gadgets, sensors and automotive electronic equipment. The system deals with monitoring and controlling the environmental conditions like temperature, relative humidity, light intensity and sound level with sensors and  voltage sensor , current sensor , which send this information to the cloud and then plot the sensor data as graphical statistics. The data updated from the implemented system can be accessible in the internet from anywhere in the world.


Arduino, ESP8266-12E, IOT, Thingspeak, Renewable energy source, Distributed generation.

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