Sri Lanka’s Geo-Strategic Relevance for India

Priyanshu Gupta


"Geostrategy is the geographic direction of a state’s foreign policy. More precisely, geostrategy describes where a state concentrates its efforts by projecting military power and directing diplomatic activity. The unique geographic position of Sri Lanka makes it a bridge between the east and the west. The specific Geostrategic location of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean has been the most important factor in their relations Sri Lanka is Virtually located in the centre of Asia and the sea lanes between the far east and the west Asia in other words this location gives the island centre position Midway on the ancient Maritime trade route between west and the East. Other factor which influences their relations is location. Sri Lanka also uses her location to neutralize India's position by cultivating extra regional powers and even expressing a desire to give base facilities to the United States of America. India's always worried about harbor’s occupation by an external power will have serious repercussions for security. Strategically important harbors in the Colombo and Trincomalee have always been occupied an important place in India's foreign policy calculations.



Natonal Security, IOR, Maritime Boundary, LTTE, Extremism, Strategic Interests

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