Virtual speed breaker the speed reducing medium

Anil Bawaskar, RajshreeR. Athawale, Jayshree P. Shirpurkar, Pushpa H. Barapatre, Kajal Pimpalkar


The virtual speed breaker can be also called as the dynamic type of speed breaker. As this kind of speed breakers are able to boost up and scrolled down it is very useful and preferable than the permanent speed breakers. This is the modified form of the permanent speed breaker which has been consisting of a motor, relay driver, sensors, indicator (like LED), LCD screen for the display, a buzzer. This are all the components which are being used in the formation of virtual speed breaker. These breakers have became the important factor of the roads for the speed calming of the vehicles and volume on residential streets. The shape of the common humps are parabolic, circular and sinusoidal.[3] This model has been modeled using orcad. The Aurdino Uno is used in the model for the programming purpose on which basis the project will work.

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