SAARC - Prospects and Its Relevance

Uday Singh


 In the face of increasing importance of regionalism, SAARC stands unavoidable and significant organization in South Asia. Since its formation in 1985, it has played an important role by bringing the member countries closer together by holding various meetings and summits at various levels. Though overall development of this organization is marred by internal disputes and various other factors but still its establishment and the sense to develop regional integration has created a hope for its future progress. This research paper analyzes the role of SAARC. A critical evaluation has also been made of why SAARC has not been able to develop at par with other developed organizations like European Union (EU). The potential areas of cooperation have been pointed out and suggestions have been put forwarded for removing the existent hurdles and to move the wheel of integration in South Asia more fastly for improving the conditions of poor people in this region.



SAARC, India, Regionalism, Integration, South Asia, Economic Interests, organization

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