Smart Reader for Visually Impaired People Using Raspberry Pi

G. Indu, M. Amani, A. Anjali, A. Padmaja, Y.Amar Babu


Nowadays realtime hardware implementation of Text to Speech and Speech to text conversion systems playing a crucial role in several real time applications such as reading aid for blind people and talking aids for vocally handicapped people and robotics etc. This paper describes the design and implementation of a system which involves conversion of  text information present in the image to speech information and conversion of speech information given by user into text information. In this context raspberry pi has been chosen as a hardware platform to implement the proposed method. For the implementation proposed system Logitech C170 camera module and Bluetooth HC-05 module were interfaced to raspberry pi device. The concept used in this project are tesseract OCR(Optical Character Recognition),espeak TTS(Text to Speech) engine,AMR(android meets robots) voice to text application software. The code which is used in the proposed system is used in the python programming language. The proposed system which is implemented on raspberry pi is used for many real time applications.

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