Ceramic Coated Piston Manufacturing Techniques By Using Cad/Cae

Mohammed Ezaz Khan, Mohammed Zaheeruddin


Now days, internal combustion engines are used in most of the automobiles and mechanical machineries. The piston is a part without which no internal combustion engine can work i.e., piston plays a vital role in almost all types of vehicles. So, the reliability of piston manufacturing system is most essential for the proper functioning of vehicles. A piston is a disc which reciprocates within a cylinder. It is either moved by the fluid or it moves the fluid which enters the cylinder. The main function of the piston of an IC engine is to receive the impulse from the expanding gas and to transmit the energy to the crankshaft through the connecting rod. The piston must also disperse a large amount of heat from the combustion chamber to the cylinder walls. Cast iron, Aluminum Alloy and Cast Steel etc. are the common materials used for piston of an Internal Combustion Engine. In this project here we were taken steel is an existing material and aluminum is another material.

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