Empirical Study on Conservative Radicals in 1918-1928

Ms. Neelam


In the years after the First World War various paramilitary organizations were set up in Bavaria with the communicated motivation behind keeping a comrade revolution in the state. Energized by Germany's and Bavaria's Social Democratic leaders, military officers and men of means shaped Freikorps units to topple the Spartacist revolt in Berlin in January 1919 and the Räterepublik in Munich in April 1919. After the apparition of revolution retreated these groups did not disband but rather revamped themselves as paramilitary leagues. In Bavaria the most critical of these early organizations was the Civil Defense Guards, or Einwohnerwehr, which was prevailing after 1921 by Bund Bayern und Reich. In the years that took after the two groups worked perseveringly to force their ideological engraving on Bavaria, however bombed in the primary. In any case, through their endeavors they set patterns and spread thoughts that would later be taken up by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party.

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