An Analytical Study of Child Labour in India

Divya Shukla


It is essential for man to work and do labour for his survivor. Of one done not work, there comes the question of survivals. In such situation, unless man works there shall be peril in his survival. Moreover, the bounties of nature that God has provided shall a constant challenge to him. There is no moral right to use or consume them. In this way, labour and work are the essentials to shape the muscles, bones and other organs of the body. However, in the childhood days the process of development requires special care and attention. In case of any obstruction, the very process of child development is at stake. In man meaning thereby that, the overall interest and fare welfare of the society and the nation rests on a child. It is with such ideas in vies that Hon’ble Justice P. N. Bhagwati[1] held that the child is a soul with being, a mature and capacities of its own, who must be helped to find them to grow into their maturity, into fullness of physical and vital energy and the utmost breath, depth and height of its emotional, intellectual and spiritual being, otherwise there cannot be a healthy growth of nation.

[1] AIR 1984 SC(46)

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