Design And Analysis Of Bottle Flip Cover

Amit A. Athawale, Vaibhav Bankar


Injection moulding is a method of forming a plastic product from thermoplastics by feeding the material through the machine component called the hopper to a heated chamber in order to melt it and force the material into the mould by the use of the screw. While producing plastic components using normal/standard multi-cavity mould, we are facing the problems like partial filling, cavities in components, less product quality, injection pressure and temperature drop age and warpage etc. In this paper, the bottle flip cap was redesigned by doing modification in it and due to this it will be beneficial for further use and commercial use also. The shape of previous used bottle cap was modified to another shape and due to this aesthetic view, the material requirement get reduced as compared to the previous one or existing one component.  The single thread cap was replaced with multithread cap to make it easy fastening with bottle to save time. For making of bottle flip cap moulding technique or process was used and after that the mould flow analysis of the component was also observed by using solid work and ansys software.  The strength of bottle flip cap was also analysed by using software as well as creating design of the component using solid work and ansys software .

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