Automobile Solar Air conditioner

Rishabh maheshwari, Anand Gangwani, Amarjeet singh


Air  conditioner  is  the  primary  accessory  of  a passenger  car  which  is  used  to  maintain  the  vehicle  cabin temperature   and   humidity   at   comfortable   levels   for   a passenger.  But this system consumes a lot of power and negatively affects the fuel efficiency of a car. Depleting natural oil resources, increasing oil prices and environment pollution increases the awareness about the Need to use renewable sources. In past years, lot of efforts have been made towards the application of solar energy to electric and hybrid cars, but a limited work is done on particularly air conditioning case. In the present work, feasibility study of air conditioner has been discussed using solar energy. With the implementation of solar conditioner in automobile the fuel efficiency will be increased and the tail pipe emissions are reduced. Also by dis-attaching compressor from engine and making it run through the solar energy, the load on engine decreases.

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