Design and Analysis of Multistorey Building (G+9) Regular and Irregular Structure At Same Earthquake Zone (Zone IV)

Anvesh Camarshi, Shashank Gupta


Structural Analysis is a branch which involves in the determination of behaviour of structures in order to predict the responses of real structures such as buildings, bridges, trusses etc. The structures with different dimensions and different shapes under same earthquake zone produce different results under load.  The behaviour of the different structure changes according to earthquake zone. In this paper we have taken two structures with different shape and dimensional property but the material specifications remains the same and are analysed under same seismic zone of India. The analysis brings out different shear force and bending moment values for two different structures. The different bending moment, shear force, deflections, axial forces are being plotted for different loads and load combinations.

STAAD stands for Structural Analysis and Design. The main purpose of this software is to design multi-storeyed building in a systematic process.

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