Analysis of Bracing in Symmetric and Asymmetric RC Building

Jay A. Parmar, Megha Thomas


In this study, seismic analysis of high rise symmetric and asymmetric RC building frames have been carried out considering eccentric X braced and eccentric inverted V braced systems. Bracing systems is resisting lateral load in RC building. Bracing is a structural element that provides resistance or stiffness to the building against lateral forces i.e., Earthquake and wind. In proposed problem G+15 story symmetric and asymmetric RC building frame is analyzed for eccentric X bracing system and eccentric inverted V bracing system under lateral loading i.e. earthquake and wind. ETABs software is used for analysis. The results of eccentric X Bracing system, eccentric Inverted V Bracing, eccentric X Bracing system with shear wall and eccentric Inverted V Bracing with shear wall are compared with bare frame model analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular type of bracing system in order to reduces the lateral displacement and story drift in the frame. It is found that all the bracing systems reduces the lateral displacement and story drift of frame very effectively. In this study eccentric X braced system performed better than other braced system and bare frame system.

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