Analysis of the impact of age and gender in sensory perception and perceptual response for caffeinated beverages

Sashie Abeywickrema, Chathuri Gunathunga, Seneviratne Navaratne


This paper systematically reviews the impact of age and gender toward the perceptual response for tea, coffee and a selected cola beverage. Study was conducted by a survey with a paper questionnaire and samples of each beverage were given to the selected respondents and tested according to ISO 8589:2007 standards. Collected data were analyzed for multinomial regression by SPSS 22.0 statistical software and results revealed the effect of age and gender were significant (P<0.050). Further fried man test with a post hoc test was conducted to check the significant variations of the sensory attributes. Results indicate that tea and coffee has higher perceptual responses by females and older ages, while cola beverage has higher perceptual response from younger males. Overall, the study found that pattern of consumer perception has a correlation with age and gender as the impact fluctuate consumer’s perception on beverages even on the sensory profile.

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