Indoor Direction System for Eyeless Person Using Li-Fi Technology

Mayuri Chawla, Parikshit Tandulkar, Shraddha Bhoyar, Shruti Tolmare, Snehal Wakde


The latest disorder in this Era is about a technology name as light fidelity or other generally called as LI-FI. LI-FI introduce the visible light communication (VLC) technology that work as a light in such a way to carry high-speed communication in a manner to similar that Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi is effective for general wireless coverage within building while LI-FI is perfect for high-speed thick wireless data coverage in restricted areas where there is no hurdles. This uses visible light as a create of communication. LI-FI is current advancement which is resourceful. In this technology, LED’s are used to carry the data in the visible light spectrum. That changes intensity faster than human eye can be followed. Li-Fi operates in the visible light spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum i.e. it applicable to the visible light as a path of transmission sooner than the traditional radio waves. Li-FI is used to give the area alert to blind people and particularly to voice guidance of the walkway. Headphone is used to alert the blind people. We prefer. such a navigation system for blind person. The LED light emits the visible light with locality data and an embedded system with an visible light accept the data from receiver. The embedded systems evaluate the optimal path to a identified and speak to the blind person through headphone. The suitability of the system for indoor navigation has been confirmed by means of useful prototype through a trial with a blind person.

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