Literature Survey of Railway Track Crack Detection and Anti-Collision System

Devesh R. Atkari, Harshal M. Kohale, Akash A. Choudhary, Arpan P. Akotkar


The largest railway networks in the world is in India , over a distance of 1,15,000 km in distance, all over India. However it is not reliable and passenger safety Indian Railways is not up to global standards. A recent study revealed that over 25% of the track length is in need of replacement due to the development of cracks on it. Manual detection of tracks is difficult and not fully effective owing to much time consumption and requirement of skilled technicians. This project is analysis for the crucial situation which occurs in the automatic train system. In the railway surveying in many accidents cause multiple damage for life and also our property. Thus this project is to implement and analize crack detection,obstracles, gate control and water lodging on track. Whether the track stipulation is good or not for use the Proximity Sensor to check it. Secondary for them to avoid the obstacle crossing in train track, when the train is come.The main objective of this project the multi sensor railway track geometry surveying system.

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