Preparation & Evaluation of Ginger Squash

Hend G. M., Selukar N. B., Bhoyar P. H.


Fruit squashes are becoming popular in comparison with synthetic beverages because of taste, flavour, Nutritive value & storage stability.  It consists essentially of strained juice containing moderate quantities of fruit pulp to which sugar is added for sweetening. Acid is added to lower the pH of ginger, underground stem (rhizome) of zingiber officinale has been used as a medicine since ancient times. Citrus Fruits are rich source of flavonoid glycocides and volatile oils and rich in polyphenols, the most important being vitamin C. Lemon is an important medicinal plant of the family Rutacae. The present study showed that blended mixed fruit juices of Ginger & Lemon could enhance the nutritional quality of squash & development of the new product. Three combinations ABC were tried for the preparation & quality evaluation of mixed fruit squash. Analysis showed that Sample B (40 % Ginger and 20 % Lemon) was found to be satisfactory and acceptable in terms of chemical analysis and sensory attributes.



Ginger, Lemon, , Soft drink, Squash, Polyphenols.

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