Religion, Conversion and Dalits:Developing an Ambedkarite Perspective



    This paper analyses the issues Ambedkar considered before adopting Buddhism. These issues would serve as a guiding force for Dalit’s in helping themunderstand the question of religion and determine their religious identity. This deliberation, therefore, assumes significance because religion has an overarching influence on almost all Indians and especially Hindus. So an emancipatory project has to find anchorage in an emancipatory religion. The question of religion holds significance for Dalit’s as to what choice they are making with regard to their religious identity. And it is here Ambedkar and his ideas will be of great help to Dalit’s in their quest for emancipated life. Ambedkar’s ideas have also influenced some conversion movements by Dalit’s in recent time. This, therefore, gives more credence to understanding Ambedkarism, especially with regard to his religious ideas, which have the potential to engender social transformation in the contemporary period. The effort here is to delve deeper into such a complex issue so as to develop an Ambedkarite

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