Smart railway gate system

Kudapa Lokesh, Dhanesh G, Arpitha P, Prajna K


The present work attempts to automate the opening and closing of gates at a railway level crossing. In general, level crossing gates are operated manually by a gate keeper. When the train starts to leave the station, the station in-charge delivers this information to the closest gatekeeper to get ready. This human intervention can be avoided by automating the process. In situations where the train is late due to some reason, the gates remain closed for long durations causing dense traffic jam near the gates. This too can be prevented by automation. The proposed system uses two pressure sensors and one infrared sensors to detect the arrival and departure of train respectively .Pressure sensor, IR sensor, Servo motor and Arduinouno is used to control the open and close status of the railway crossing gate. we propose a model where pressure sensor is placed under the railway tracks. When the pressure sensor detects the train then the signal turns red and the motor operates to close the gate. The gate remains closed until the train completely moves away from the level cross. When the departure of the train is detected by the IR sensor, the traffic signal turns green and the motor operates to open the gate. Thus automation of the gate operations at the railway level cross is achieved using sensors.

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