Study of Strengthening Rc Continuous Beam Using Fiber Reinforced Polymer Under Static Loading

Ch. Amarnadh, V. Kanaka Durga


The beams area unit reinforced with outwardly warranted optical fiber bolstered compound (GFRP) sheets. Totally different theme of strengthening is utilized. The program consists of fourteen continuous (two-span) beams with overall dimensions up to (152×305×2300) metric linear unit. The beams area unit classified into 2 series labeled S1 and S2 and every series have totally different proportion of steel reinforcement. One beam from every series (S1 and S2) wasn't reinforced and was thought of as an impression beam, whereas all alternative beams from each the series were reinforced in varied patterns with outwardly warranted GFRP sheets. This study examines the responses of RC continuous beams, in terms of failure modes, sweetening of load capability and cargo deflection analysis. The results indicate that the flexural strength of RC beams may be considerably hyperbolic by gluing GFRP sheets to the strain face. Additionally, the epoxy warranted sheets improved the cracking behavior of the beams by delaying the formation of visible cracks and reducing crack widths at higher load levels.

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