Time History Comparison of Building Structure Using Etabs

Hrishikesh Yadav, Abhay Gupta


Seismic building analysis is critical to test and perform, as extreme damage and structural losses noticed due to earthquake in past. It is important and desired to analyse building structure response for possible losses. Seismic response for real time seismic history is required to test and to design building with seismic consideration. The research includes analysis of two different building models which are vertically irregular. The method selected is vertical irregular problem analysis with respect to time history analysis. Two building models are considered with time history reference data to perform and conduct research work. Software used to perform analysis is ETABS. All analysis are compared for outcomes such as deflection, base reaction and stress.

The data collection is then arranged mainly in the tabular format for deflection, base shear and stress. Time history based analysis is tested for vertical irregular buildings and cases. Result and discussion is described with the help of graphs to conclude the outcome and summary of analysis from each graph.

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