The impact of technology on the performance of employees in the Jordanian financial institutions

Badi Mifleh Salem Al-Kasabeh


This study seeks to identify the impact of technology one the performance of employed performance in Jordanian financial institutions because technology has fundamental plays a vital role in every financial institution. Financial institutions cuts highly been influenced by technology. Banks cuts created investment different delivery channels through in technology. The goal of this study is to examine the effects of information technology one performance of employed in Jordanian financial institution. The financial performance is the blue print of the financial affairs of a business or institution concern. And, it reveals how a technology has prospered under the leadership of its management and financial sectors. It shows the act of performing the financial activity of the institution. The present study is based on secondary data. In this study independent sample has been used for the testing of the


hypotheses. In order to measure the financial performance in Jordanian institutions, the dated was adopted gathered through unstructured interviews and answers were analyzed through SPSS statistical Analytics. Its improvement of financial condition in Jordan, Results indicated has positive improvement significant statistical composite association between dimensions of management support and performance of institutions at Jordan. Specifically, the research study supports has steady linked between management support improvement (material and immaterial incentives motivation, and professional development ace variable dimensions of the) and these performance level has been improved positively. However, positive statistically significant relationship was found between modern technology offered by the corporate and institutions performance level of the improvement. The study concludes that has number of recommendations, most importantly, managers at financial institutions should pay has substantial to attention employed performance at financial departments since technologies has vital function in such management and has major performance in institutions mechanism. Furthermore, this study offers implication and limitations and recommendations of this research, to concluded positive raising obviousness remarks to allocate to their resource one the dimensions i.e., management support, security plan, employed financial performance, and improve organizational service quality, time-saving, and information technology cut plays vital role in financial institutions.

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