Strategies of In Service and Pre Service Teachers for Coping with Shy Students at Elementary Level

Sehrish Ashraf, Asma Shahid Kazi, Ayesha Habib, Ghulam Farid, Muhammad Arfan Hadyait, Waqar Ahmed


The present study was designed to investigate about the strategies used by in service teachers and pre service teachers to cope with shy students in the class. A Questionnaire and semi structure interviews were used to collect data. A sample of 150 Pre service teachers and 80 in service teachers were randomly selected. The collected data was analyzed and reported in tables in the form of frequencies and percentages using descriptive statistics with SPSS 22. An independent t test and ANOVA was used to know the significant influence of demographic variables on the strategies used by in service teachers and pre service teachers to cope with shyness students. From results findings it is clear in service and pre service teachers preferred strategies that they allow the shy student to ask more questions and answer. They prefer shy students to seat them in front of the class. Encourage them to sit with best friends is helpful to involve them in-group discussion and class daily activities. Appreciate them because it is best strategy is to appreciate or praise shy students when they perform class task. Praise them when interact with other student. Results also showed the statistically significant difference reported in the strategies used by pre service and in service teachers to cope with shy students between different public schools

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