Struggle with God and Individual: A Study on Emily Dickenson Select Poems



Emily Dickinson, a sensitive but isolated poet, considered to be the one of the best poets of United States of America. Her poems reflect her life in different manner. Her contribution to the literature is immense and also thought provoking to the lovers of poetry. Most of the researchers reveal that her poetry is full of complexity of her position as a woman situated within a large social and economic class. Emily Dickinson led one of the most prosaic lives of any great poet. At a time when fellow poet Walt Whitman was ministering to the Civil War wounded and traveling across America—a time when America itself was reeling in the chaos of war, the tragedy of the Lincoln assassination, and the turmoil of Reconstruction—Dickinson lived a relatively untroubled life in her father’s house in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she was born in 1830 and where she died in 1886.

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