Indian Aryans and Their Food Habits

Mr. Amit


Every community in India has a distinct food ethos. Most of these have been influenced by the Aryan beliefs and practices. Starting from north and the northwest of India, Vedic ideas gradually spread all over the country, subsuming earlier practices and exerting a strong influence in the cultural beliefs also. The Vedic literature throws considerable light on the food and drink habits of the people of the ancient India. Among the food grains, the Rig Veda repeatedly mentions barley, particularly fried barley. Of frequent occurrence is the word `anna` which may not essentially mean rice; it denotes food in general. Various types of fruits and vegetables were widely used by Aryans. A lot of hearbs and spices were being used on large scale. In the Vedas it is said that, “From earth sprang herbs, from herbs food, from food seed, from seed man.” Therefore, according to the great Aryan cosmic cycle, the eater, the food he eats and the universe must be in harmony.

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