Application of Statistical Methods in Pharmacology

Rama. E, Sreelakshmi T, Sambaiah. K


In this paper we estimate the number of patients to have a particular type of remedy like no relief, one percent to fifty percent relief, fifty one percent to ninety percent relief and ninety one to hundred percent relief after administering the drug manufactured by a firm for curing a disease so that its curing capacity is on par with drugs produced by other two firms which are known to be best medicine for curing the same disease. These estimations are obtained using the Chi-square goodness of fit and they were shown graphically for various fixed number of patients with no relief and total relief. It helps the firm to decide whether modification of drug is required or not. Further a matlab program is written to give the output  “on par with  the two medicines” or “not on par with these two medicines” taking the input data of number of patients of each type.

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