Remote Data IntegrityChecking System Using Client's Authorizationin Cloud

V. Akhila Reddy, G. Rakesh Reddy


Cloud storage allows cloud users to enjoy the on-demandand high quality data storage services without the burden of local datastorage and maintenance. However, the cloud servers are not necessarilyfully trusted.Cloudcomputing has become an important thing in computer field.Cloud computing takes information processing as a service,such as storage and computing. Data integrity is importantthing in cloud storage. In certain situations, clients should storetheir data such as image or text in multi cloud. When the clientstores his/her data on multicloud servers, the distributedstorage and integrity checking is very important. Here wepropose an Identity Based Distributed Provable Data Possession(ID-DPDP) protocol for multi-cloud storage. Remote dataintegrity checking is important in cloud storage. It can make theclients verify whether their data is kept as it is withoutdownloading the entire data.

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