Fracture Analysis of Pipe of Tapered Thickness

G. Sandeep, B.Praveen Kumar


In this thesis, the clamped – free pipe tapered thickness effect on the deformations, stresses, stress intensity factors and frequencies is determined analytically for two cases. The pipe is conveying water. In the first case the pipe’s wall thickness is constant at clamped end and it is changed at free end changes depending on different thickness ratio. In the second case the pipe’s thickness at free end is constant and it is changed at clamped end at different thickness ratio. The pipe has a constant inner radius and length. The thickness ratios considered in this project are 0.6, 0.9 and 1. 3D models of the pipe are done in Creo 2.0. Static, Modal, Fracture analyses are done in Ansys 14.5.

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