Modelling and Finite Element Analysis of Aircraft Vertical Stabilizer

U.Srinivasa Athreya, D. Damodara Reddy


An aircraft arrest the gravitational force with the help of either static or dynamic lift of an airfoil and also with the downward thrust of jet engines. The vertical stabilizers are typically found on the rear end of the aircraft body which is intended to reduce aerodynamic side slip and provide directional stability. It is a type of fin which provides stability while moving through any medium. In this paper, we develop the aero fin structure using the CAD implement (CREO) and for aero foil shape software being used is design foil, where we can directly imports coordinates into CREO, with this we can develop our model and then analyze the structure which is made of different materials with the CAE tool (ANSYS workbench fluent and static structural analysis). Our objective of the paper is to find the stresses on the fin structure i.e. on the vertical stabilizer and to find which material has fewer stresses and possess the better strength to weight ratio. Here we have considered a vertical stabilizer made of existing material Al 7075 and other materials like SiC, Ti 6 alloy). From the obtained results we can suggest which fin material composition would be better for aircraft model.

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