Study on Self Curing Concrete Using Liquid Paraffin Wax as External Agent

T. Rama Linga Reddy, M. Nageswararao


Concrete is most widely used construction material due to its good compressive strength and durability. Curing plays a major role in developing the concrete microstructure and pore structure. Curing is the process of maintaining proper moisture content particularly within 28 days to promote optimum cement hydration immediately after placement. Good curing is not possible in most of the cases such as vertical members, human errors, places where there is scarcity of water, In such conditions self-curing concrete is very adaptable. One of the techniques of self-curing concrete is by using Hydrophilic materials (water loving, such compounds have an affinity to water and are usually charged or have polar side groups to their structure that will attract water).

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