Design of Maximum Power Extraction Algorithm for Sepic Converter Based Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems

J. Kishore, P. Manikanta.


The conventional energy sources are limited and have pollution to the environment. Hence, more attention and interest have been paid to the utilization of renewable energy sources such as wind energy, fuel cell and solar energy etc. Wind energy is the fastest growing and most promising renewable energy source among them due to economically feasible. Harnessing wind energy for electric power generation is an area of research interest and at present, the emphasis is given to the cost-effective utilization of this energy resource for quality and reliable power supply. In this paper we implement an adaptive maximum power point tracking (MPPT)method for small-scale wind energy conversion systems (WECSs) to gather more energy from turbulent wind using buck boost featured single ended primary inductor converter to extract maximum power from full range of wind velocity summary. Matlab Simulation results show that tracking capability of the proposed method under sudden and gradual fluctuating wind conditions is efficient and effective.

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