Role of the Media in Democracy

Rouf Ahmad Bhat, Muhsin Ahmad Malik


Democracy is commonly defined as a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Freedom and democracy walk hand in hand. We live in society today where the media plays a pivotal role in how we see the world. Media acts as an interface between the common man and the Government. It is a very powerful tool with the ability to make and break the opinion of people. Media through its various means of newspapers, television and cinema is what rules the heart and minds of people. Transparency and accountability are a must for proper functioning of a democratic system. The nexus between corruption and democrats intertwined by politics seems to snatch the serenity and peace of our country. Media plays a crucial role in shaping a healthy democracy. It is the backbone of a democracy. Media makes us aware of various social, political and economical activities happening around the world. It is like a mirror, which shows us or strives to show us the bare truth and harsh realities of life. The media has undoubtedly evolved and become more active over the years. It is the media only who reminds politicians about their unfulfilled promises at the time of elections. T.V, news channels excessive coverage during elections helps people, especially illiterates, in electing the right person to the power.

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