Mppt Control Strategies for Solar Energy Harvesting Usingsmc Approach

Chavan Vishakha S., Sankeswari S. S.


This paper presents a new maximum power point tracking facility for a standalone photovoltaic (PV) system. The unique combination of SMC controller with Voltage Reference Estimator and Partial Shadowing Technique are occur. The goal of this work is to maximize power extraction from the photovoltaic generator (PVG). Sliding mode controller (SMC) drives the Boost Converter connected between the PVG and Load. The system is modelled and tested under MATLAB/SIMULINK environment. In simulation, The sliding mode controller offers fast and accurate convergence to the maximum power operating Point that performs the well-known perturbation and observation.

The fast dynamics and all range stability are attained by a sliding mode controller and the high tracking efficiency by a maximum power point algorithm with fine step.

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