Reforms in Education in Uzbekistan: Information Technologies and Preparation of Lawers

Abdumalik Abduvakhidov Mahkamovich


It is necessary to realize that investments in education and training are the best solution in the diversification of the national economy. So it was and so it will be: one can not deny this phenomenon. Education is vital in stimulating economic growth, innovation and job creation. The education system in Uzbekistan must be fundamentally reformed, it must give people perspective knowledge, skills and competencies that meet the needs of the labour market and the information climate in the country. It should also have a special place in the formation of a person based on national values and cultures, capable of representing state interests at the international level. Education should help young graduates unite and cooperate with each other, meet the requirements of a market economy. Digital technology enriches education and learning in various ways and learning opportunities that must be accessible to all. This opens up access to a lot of information and resources. It is impossible not to take into account the tendencies of the world community in the reform of the national educational system.

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