The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Stress Management at First Grade Student

Segita Sari


This study aims to test how much influence emotional intelligence on stress management at first grade students. Subjects in this study were 110 first-year students at university aged between 18 to 25 years old and active as a student. The scale used in this study is using the scale of emotional intelligence and stress management scale. Data analysis method used in this research is simple linear regression analysis. The results obtained in this study shows that the hypothesis proposed is accepted that there is an effect of emotional intelligence on stress management is very significant in the first grade students with sig. 0,000 (p≤0,05). Based on the result of regression test, it is known that the two variables have strong of relation with R = 0,843 and R Square = 0,711 which shows that emotional intelligence has influence 71,1% to stress management, while the rest equal to 28,9% influenced by other factor out of research. 

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