Study Of Electrical And Optical Properties Of Thin Films

Hayder Hasan Ali Alhasnawi, Hayder Hasan Ali Alowaid




The planning and properties of phosphorus-doped SnO2  films, deposited on a warmed borosilicate glass utilizing the concoction vapor testimony, are accounted for in this paper. It is watched that the resistivity of the film reductions and its carrier focus increments as the doping grouping of phosphorus increments up to 3.7 wt.%. Sputtering powers of 0.375– 0.750 W/cm2 and of 0.750 W/cm2 were connected, individually, to the tin and tungsten targets so as to obtain films with diverse Sn/W proportions. The deposited amorphous films were annealed for four hours at 400 °C keeping in mind the end goal to solidify the films. 

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