Construction and Validation of Test of Psychology for Prospective Teachers (TPPT)

Dr. (Mrs.) Sarita Dahiya, Ms. Kavita Miglani


In the classroom teaching-learning process, development of knowledge of students at different stages, understanding of individual differences, theoretical perspective of learning and knowledge of adjustment as well as education of deprived children have vital place as these have influenced and shaped instructional methods and practices to some extent.  The main purpose of an achievement test is to determine ones’ knowledge in a particular subject. It helps in measuring the amount of success of an individual in specific field. The present paper was prepared with the purpose to construct and validate an achievement test in Psychology for B.Ed. students. This test consisted of 210 items covering all aspects from ‘Childhood and Growing up(Course-1) from B.Ed. two-year programme (2015-17) scheme & syllabus prescribed by NCTE under NCF-2014. After doing rigorous item analysis of 210 items ,90 items were retained in the final version of the test.  Spearman brown and KR21 reliability measured was applied and it found 0.87 & 0.82 respectively. Validity of the test was established by content validity method.

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