The role of translanguaging in building Science knowledge: Exploring the relational dimension of epistemological development.

Charamba Erasmos, Zano Kufakunesu


The mantle of language in the generation and development of concepts is incontrovertible . Science at school level is grossly regarded as a practical subject, but its effective teaching and learning requires language proficiency, be it written or shared orally during tutelage.  This demonstrates therefore that both the learners’ and teacher’s language and scientific language all play an entwined but salient role in the effective dissemination and maximum comprehension of science concepts. The current study involves a group of grade 11 learners (n= 40; 25 girls and 15 boys) aged between 15 and 17 whose home language is Southern Sesotho and are all taking science as a full time subject.  The learners were taught in both English and their home language, and were given academic materials written in their home language on the topic taught. 

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