Dependency and Underdevelopment Theory: Exploring the Implication for State Of Underdevelopment in Nigeria

Asadu Ikechukwu


Development is one of the global challenges facing many nations. While some countries are regarded as developed others are described as underdeveloped or developing. Various theories have been advanced by scholars to explicate the causes of development and underdevelopment. Among these theories are Marxist theory, political development theory, modernization theory and dependency theory. The objective of this paper is to employ dependency theory in examining how incorporation of Nigeria into international capitalist system via colonialism, capitalism and imperialism has contributed to state of underdevelopment in Nigeria. The methodology of the study is qualitative and descriptive. Relevant data were generated through secondary sources and the data generated were subjected to contextual-descriptive analysis. The finding shows that the integration of Nigeria economy into international capitalist economy subjected the country to producer of cheap raw materials for advanced capitalist states and consumer of imported manufactured commodities. 

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