The Investigation of the Relationship between Personality Types and Self-Efficacy of Sama University of Sari Branch in The20016- 20017- School Year

Esmaeil Oskoohi, Ali Akbar Rahmatian


This study aimed to investigate the relationship between personality types and self-SamaVahdsary university students in the academic year was 20016- 20017. The study is descriptive and correlational. The study population consisted of all students in the academic year 20016- 20017SamaVahdsary sample consisted of 50 patients were enrolled and that the random sampling method is chosen. Scherrer self-efficacy questionnaire to collect information and Neo personality type is used. Pearson correlation test was used to analyze the data. The results showed the efficacy and neuroticism personality type SamaVahdsary university students and there is a significant negative relationship. Between self-efficacy and extroverted personality type Vahdsary university students Sama there is a significant positive relationship. Between self-efficacy and flexible personality type Sama students Vahdsary there is a significant positive relationship. Between self and personality type there is no significant relationship between agreeableness University VahdsarySama. Between self-efficacy and type of personality and conscience of students VahdsarySama there is a significant positive relationship.

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