Anger among adolescent in relation to Emotional Maturity and Resilience.

Anjana Devi, Sandeep Singh


Adolescence is the time of full up and downs in every aspect of a teenager life because this is the phase of rapid change, some adolescents view these difficulties as challenge and become stronger than ever that enable them to handle these challenge and to turn into a more resilient and emotionally mature adult but some adolescents find themselves unable to overcome these challenges and develop aggression, anxiety etc. The present study is done to ascertain the effect of anger on emotional maturity and resilience in school students. The study was pursued on a sample of 600 school students (300 boys and 300 girls). State-Trait Anger Inventory (STAX-2) givenbySpielberger (1999) Resilience scale by Sandra Prince-Emburyand Emotional maturity scale (EMS) given by Dr.Yashvir Singh and Dr. Mahesh Bhargava (1999) were used as tools for the present study. For the analysis of data, correlation and descriptive statisticswere used in this study. Results showed that there is significant correlation betweenanger, resilience and emotional maturity.

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