The Effects of Subsidized Housing Construction on the Development of Binjai City

Rendi Pratama Siregar, Agus Purwoko, Riadil Akhir Lubis


This study aims to analyze the changes in conditions that occur after housing construction and whether it will continue to provide positive values for indigenous people and migrant communities as part of the Binjai City community. The increasing need for housing demands the Binjai City government to improve the welfare of the people by building a subsidized house. Citra Wahidin Housing, Royal Wahidin Housing, and Wahidin Regency Housing are subsidized housing located in the District of East Binjai and South Binjai. The construction and procurement of housing land is financed by the developer. The analytical method used paired sample T test with 76 respondents from 320 households. The results showed that the construction of subsidized houses in the city of Binjai had a significant positive influence on the economy, socio-culture, facilities and infrastructure. The influence of the economic community, socio-cultural community, and infrastructure facilities simultaneously has a positive and significant impact on the development of Binjai City.

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