Vermicomposting in organic Agriculture: Influence on the soil nutrients and plant growth

Shristi Piya, Inisa Shrestha, Dhurva P. Gauchan, Janardan Lamichhane


Vermicomposting is a green technology that converts organic wastes into plant available nutrient rich organic fertilizer. It has also found to reduce heavy metal concentration in contaminated feeding materials. Vermicompost (VC), when used as fertilizer, not only bears positive impact on soil quality, plant growth and yield but also enhances nutritional value of crops produced. Use of VC on soil improves its physiochemical (aggregation, stability, pH, EC, bulk density, water holding capacity (WHC), organic matter (OM), micro- and macro- nutrients.) and biological properties (microbial population, enzymes). It also increases soil structural stability and reduces vulnerability of soil to calamities like erosion. Use of VC in plant growth enhances their development in early as well as latter stages of plant growth but proper concentration of VC must be considered for optimum plant growth and production.

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