Green Manure for Restoring and Improving the Soil Nutrients Quality

Sharmila Chimouriya, Janardan Lamichhane, Dhurva Prasad Gauchan


Decline in soil quality is considered as a major environmental concern globally. Production of good quality of food in an ample quantity for the growing population without deterioration soil quality and fertility is major challenge in present scenario. Use of agrochemicals to increase the productivity of soil is leading to loss of soil quality which also has significant impacts on human health and environment.  Use of green manure to crop production was recognized as economically viable and environmentally acceptable approaches in substitution to the agrochemicals. Green manures are crops that were incorporate in agricultural field as a source of nutrient for succeeding crops. It also plays a vital role in restoring and improving the soil quality. There are numerous green manure plants in around the world which can contribute to improve soil biological, physical and chemical quality.

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