Analysis of Intrinsic Factors Which Influencing the Temperature Dependence of the Id-Vds-Vgs Characteristics of Heterostructure Tunnel FETS Based On GaSb/InAs Tunneling Junctions



This paper provides an analysis of the intrinsic factors influencing the temperature dependence of the IdVdsVgs characteristics of heterostructure Tunnel FETs based on GaSb/InAs tunneling junctions. The temperature dependence of energy bandgap, quantum confinement energy-shifts, and Fermi level position are quantified. There is significant cancellation among the various effects, such that the overall Id Vds Vgs characteristics are expected to have remarkably small temperature dependence, of the order of 10 − 20 mV shift in Vgs over the temperature range of 0 − 125 C. Considerations are also discussed for representative extrinsic effects such as trap-assisted tunneling, which affect many experimental devices to a variable extent.

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