Secure Spatial Query Processing Using Hilbert Packet List on Cloud Data

BH. N. Ravalli, K. Ganesh Reddy


Cloud computing data is stored over the distributed servers, which can be accessed with the help of user queries. In cloud computing, millions of user queries are processed by distributed server with less latency, high availability and high reliability. However, providing confidentiality user queries is still a challenging task due to the high vulnerability exist in the cloud environment. The existing mechanisms suffer from high computational and communication overhead, in addition to vulnerabilities still exists in their security mechanisms. In our proposed approach, any user send the spatial queries to the service provider, then the service provider use these spatial queries to check on the spatial encrypted data. User uses the RC5 key to decrypt the response messages. In this entire process, users is able to protect the data from the data leakage, reduces the communication overhead when compared with other existing mechanisms.

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